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Author of "Secrets of the Greenroom: a comedians inside techniques for effective speaking."

David Michael was the first to release a book teaching the powerful speaking techniques comedians use to communicate their message and apply it to public and corporate speaking. He is the expert in not only speech writing, but effectively delivering the most powerful message to the audience.

  • Perfect your Tedtalk or Tedx presentation

  • Punch up your speech with humor

  • Don't just speak...Communicate

  • Connect with your audience and make an impact

  • Be the star of your show

Choose from David Michael's multi-faceted areas of expertise:

"When speaking in today's business world, communication is not only essential, it is vital to your success. It isn't just about being funny."

– David Michael

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David has spent over 30 years perfecting his craft appearing in movies, TV, and hosting radio. He's funny. Really funny. He has worked with and learned from the best in the industry. Greats such as:

  • Jay Leno

  • Steve Harvey

  • Howie Mandel

  • Dennis Miller

  • Ray Romano

  • Tim Allen

  • Lewis Black

  • Drew Cary

David is available for comedy performances for your sales conference, annual meeting, corporate team building or Holiday party.


Be the Star of your show!

Do you ever wonder how comedians come up with all those funny jokes? Have you listened to politician's speeches and been inspired? Guess what? They don't do it alone! They have a team of writers and experts behind the scenes developing specific, customized ideas and content for their clients. They have loads of interns collecting data on audiences, topics, and industries. They have been coached and trained on where to move, what to say, and how to say it. Now you can have that too! If you speak to any group, you will benefit.

  • Politician

  • Sales Manager

  • Trade Show Presenter

  • Embarking on a speaking career

  • Professional Athlete/Coach

  • Conference Organizers

  • Professors/Teachers

  • Professional Speaker

David comes with a team of experts that become your team, you supporting cast, to make you the star, to make you shine.


Nick Morgan, one of America's top communication theorists and coaches, listed "Secrets From the Greenroom" as one of the top resources for anyone looking to kick-start and accelerate their career.

"David Michael spells out clearly and concisely terrific ways to be an interesting and attention-getting speaker. His shared experiences are so inspiring. I really enjoyed the story about him performing shows at prisons. David Michael shows that obstacles can definitely be turned into positive experiences."
-Amazon Review

"David Michael gives a nice, new perspective on how to consider the audience when speaking and the importance of comedy. He gives humorous and poignant stories that display his findings. I found it to be be a very easy, enjoyable, and informative read. It inspired me to try some new things in my speaking career. My only qualm is that is was so good and inspiring, I wish it was longer."
-Amazon Review

"David Michael writes about his experiences as a comedian and speaker and gives tips on how to improve. He also shares some interesting stories, such as when he did comedy for prisoners. David Michael has been doing comedy for over 20 years and worked with many big name comedians such as Jay Leno and Lewis Black. As a young comedian I found this book to be very useful. I think this book would be useful to anyone who wants to become a better and more confident public speaker. It's a short and easy read that will be well worth your time and money."
-Amazon Review


Have to give a speech at your next annual meeting? Running for office? Need to train and inspire your sales team? If you speak to any group of people, David can help you. He and his team of writers can take your content or outline and customize if for you and your style. They will use all the writing techniques of the pros to make your speech powerful and memorable.

  • Sales Conference

  • Comedy Roast

  • Press Conference

  • Acceptance Speech

David can tweak your speech or start from scratch. Either option will result in a customized, original speech that will be authentic to you and deliver your message in the most effective way.


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